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You Don't Need a CMS

Content Management Systems are too complicated, hard to customize, and difficult to keep up to date.

This means you end up with a website that:

  • You're supposed to be able to change yourself but can't
  • Should make publishing faster but actually slows you down
  • Looks old because it's too hard and expensive to change and the guys who built it have moved on
  • Is slow and does not work with mobile devices

You don't need some general purpose system with hundreds of confusing buttons and options you'll never use.

What you need is a simple solution with the exact tools to publish specific types of information.

Micro Publishing

Over the last decade we've built successful content management systems used by hundreds of customers. But times have changed.

Mobile devices have rapidly become the primary, and in many cases, the only way people use the Web. They need focused content delivered fast and formatted for the screen they are using.

From information to mobile catalogs and applications, AssetNow Micro Publishing systems are custom built to handle your specific content types easily and efficiently.

Share your content with existing websites or access it directly from your micro publishing site.

Sound interesting? Send Johan an email outlining your requirement, timeframe and budget.

You can expect to receive a reply within 3 business days.


Responsive solutions adapt to any screen size

Our solutions are fast, minimalist, and use the latest responsive design techniques and work on screen sizes from mobile to desktop.

We use open-source technologies including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, NodeJS and Railo.

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61% of visitors are unlikely to return to a mobile unfriendly site. Visitor engagement increases by 85% with a mobile-friendly design.


Johan Steenkamp
Johan Steenkamp
Micro Entrepreneur

About Orbital

I enjoy business, tinkering with technology, and building web apps.

In the late 1990s this tinkering turned into my first product, AssetNow, software to build and manage websites. Selling my software online resulted in customers worldwide and partnerships in Japan, Europe and the USA.

I travelled to new places, saw my software providing jobs and opportunity, experienced different cultures, built enduring friendships, and many great memories.

We have been in business for more than 12 years. We're small, efficient, and like Getting Real.

You can follow me on twitter and tumblr.



  • Orbital Limited, +64 3 359 4290, johan@orbital.co.nz
  • 3 Kilmuir Lane, Harewood, Christchurch, 8051, New Zealand